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What makes Aquananda the most effective method?

Nov 27 2021

What makes Aquananda the most effective method?

Although, now there are many specialists of aquatic therapy and different directions appeared, the method of Dr. Boris is still unique due to its holistic approach to the healing procedure. All these directions, are based on the fact that the child is in a state of rest and relaxation in water, which gives the opportunity to feel some kind of peace.


Doctor Boris, in his turn, does water stimulation, uses both reflexes and a lot of all physiological mechanisms in his method. Firstly, he has them swim on their own (even very sick children). He spends a lot of time in the water diligently working with the child, so that the child walks.

In general, we can call this “a stimulation method”, which is such a rare practice in water therapy. 


“-What other specialists offer is more like relaxation, but many children are already very relaxed, they shouldn’t be relaxed, but stimulated, especially children who lie constantly, why should they be more relaxed? They are already suffered by this relaxation. Water provides these opportunities.” – Doctor Boris Ginzburg.


A child who has a serious illness will find himself in a situation where his further development becomes impossible, since he has spasticity or hypotension. He needs to find a new opportunity to develop and water can serve as a medium to that opportunity. It takes less effort to make movements in water and a child even learns to dive under water easily. Gradually, instead of walking, he comes to swimming.


So, after developing muscles and making the brain to realize he can control his body in the water, we transfer to land, where overland stages begin. In such a way, a child makes a big leap in his neuro-motoric development in water, his back and neck have strengthened and we can teach him toI


This is a whole system in which water triggers all these possibilities. It is almost impossible to launch them on land, since the force of gravity requires a certain neuro-motor level from the child, which he doesn’t show. If we leave him in this state, there will be no progress. So, the initial level is necessary, what we develop in water. Starting with exercises and gradually switching to swimming, they can control their bodies in the water. This makes easier to bring them to a land state of development.


Dr. Boris put all his scientific experience and efforts to improve this method and approach to the entire rehabilitation program in general. Now it's more than a method. What we suggest is: an optimal treatment not only with medicines, but using the mechanism of activating new capabilities in the human.

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