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Medical diagnosis or verdict?

Jul 25 2021

Medical diagnosis or verdict?

We have thousands of cases, when the medical diagnosis does not correspond to the child's capabilities at all. It would seem that a child can do nothing, because the brain is very destroyed and can’t do anything. But when we look, we’ll see that his hands are moving or he can move his back, which means some capabilities are available to his brain. He just needs a development program - simple things that he can do.


When we immerse the child in water, he not only relaxes, but begins to move his legs or hands. These movements can be stimulated and made stronger, more productive. We’ll notice that he can already hold his neck, because if he lowers it, it’ll be impossible for him to breathe, since his head will be in the water. So, we should combine these things into a new program for the child, that will help him to make new movements.


Each child is individual, we always need to have a specific approach to each child, because he shows his new movements and achievements, which we need to develop and master with him, since this enriches his brain. They learn a lot during the program and even a simple achievement makes their brain richer. For example, Doctor Boris teaches them to hold their breath. It’s not a physical activity, but it is also an achievement for child’s brain. Every new "synapse" could be used both on-water and on-land development program.


When they reach a certain level of development, we need to switch to the classical form of development: they must master all positions - sit, sit with crossed legs, sit on a chair, sit on their knees. All these classic things should be developed in further. It's all a system.


Prescription from Doctor Boris: 

take a few pills of unlimited parental love & care daily...


The next significant part of Aquananda is parental involvement to the process. Often medicine considers these cases as something that can’t be corrected, and tell the parents that there is no need to fight, but only adapt and investigate.


In the contrast to this, our general message is – not to lose hope, believe & fight to the end. When we stop fighting, the situation becomes hopeless. In any case, we have to try and fight. By involving parents in the process, the treatment turns into a fun and playful exercises. And who do we trust the most, if not our parents?



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